Welcome to the Affiliates, Sponsors and Cool People Page for DEFCON 201!

Affiliates and Sponsors of DEFCON 201:

DEFCON: The Largest Hacking Convention in the United States. DEFCON 26 takes place in 2018 on August 9th through August 12th
MakerBar: Hackerspace in Hoboken New Jersey.
TOOL: The Open Organization of Lockpickers, New Jersey Chapter located in Bridgewater.
Liberty Science Center: Explore Sciece in a Fun New Way! Located at Liberty Park in Jersey City.
The Electronic Frontier Alliance: DEFCON 201 is the New Jersey Chapter of this Digital Privacy Rights subsection of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
DEFCON Groups are various local, in person meet ups across the United States and around the globe for Hackers and Technologists to meet up monthly.

Below is a list of Cool People that DEFCON 201 Likes and Resources for Aspiring Hackers:

NYC 2600: Hacking New York City since 1987, 2600 Meets Happen First Friday of Every Month. Helen's Pizza: The Only Pizza Place in Jersey City that Sells Pizza via Bitcoin and Litecoin! NYC Privacy Board Advocates fights for your Digital Rights in New York City. NYC Mesh: A Intranet Resource In New York City  The Open Source Initiative Advocates for Free Software Standards on the Internet.  Jersey City Public Library provides knowlage, internet and community functions all over Jersey City.

Aether Cafe is the only late night gaming cafe that serves tea, juices and drinks whie you play board, card and video games.
Afrocrowd is the supported by Wikimedia NYC promoting the editing and creation of African American and People of Color history on Wikipedia.

The Hypatia Foundation supports Transgender individuals to a better future using technology.

Code For Newark is a subsection of Code For America that recruits developes and hackers for goverment work projects to inprove the local Newark community.

Black Girls Code promotes the inclusion and education of women who are People of Color and other minorities.

Hackers fo Charity is a non-profit charity foundation that uplifts third world and poor communities by using the hacker ethic and open source technologies.

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